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Meet the Odd Art Design Team! We came together with a shared mission: to break free from the constraints of freelancing. Fueled by a passion for creativity and a desire to provide top-notch service, we founded Odd Art Design to be different. By pooling our talents, we've unleashed a powerhouse of design expertise. No more limits, just exceptional service for you, our valued customers.




As a child, I had a passion for doodling, never certain where that simple act would lead me. Despite being told it wasn't a lucrative path, I bounced around various art programs but none of them seemed like the right fit. It wasn't until I discovered the graphic design that I felt an instant connection, realizing I had found my home. This career allowed me to be creative while assisting people with their most precious assets—their businesses, their livelihoods. This is why graphic design holds immense importance for me, approaching each meeting as if it pertains to my own business. Adopting this mindset has been a guiding template, enabling me to assist numerous business owners in helping their companies realize their full potential. So now I doodle for a living, well doodle and help people.

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I'm a  talented graphic designer, he says humbly, who is ready to take on any challenge with a chill and happy attitude. I boast a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design, with senior knowledge in Motion Design, Web Design, and expert knowledge in Brand Design and Illustration. I have over 10 years of professional experience in the design industry. I'm family oriented and love what I do while shattering expectations! I am always striving to be better and offer the highest quality designs possible.

I believe that breaking the mold is the best way to stand out and co-founded this agency with that in mind. I want to take my skills and knowledge and apply it to challenging projects to always impress! I could not imagine doing anything else with my life and truly love what I do. Trust me when I say that you won't find anyone who will work harder to create something that will last in people's minds.



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